Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Prepper or Survivalist are they the same?

In my opinion, they are very similar, a prepper is preparing for the unknown at a minutes notice, while a true survivalist lives in such a way that he is controlling his entire enviroment on a daily basis, I must admit that I am 80% prepper right now and only 20% true survivalist, I am however daily edging my knowledge and my way of life over to the true survivalist. Prepping is not a bad thing by any means, but prepping will only get you thru a short time. If you learn true survival skills, it will create a lifetime of food and shelter. Anyone with any ideas on how to help become a true survivalist, please chime in, I am in the process of setting up to do a weekly podcast from my home studio/office. One thing I would like to leave with you today is this. Chance favors a prepared mind.

the Texas survivalist


  1. Tex,

    I think the two are very close as well. I think that a "survivalist" must have the survival mindset.

    I personally know an ex-cop that was shot 8 times and lived to tell about it. He was a survivalist- not a prepper though. He told me that he kept telling himself (after he killed the MF'r that shot him) that he had felt worse pain than this and that he was going to make it.

    I also know a good number of preppers, who intend on surviving only until someone can come and rescue them. Their preparation is designed only to take them so far. Case in point- my neighbor who only preps with food supplies. No guns, traps, water filtration...

    So, yes they can be very different things but they can be embodied in the same person.

    I consider myself a prepper and also a survivalist. Because I have prepared, I will not give up; I will survive; I will find a way; I will not be defeated.

    Good luck to you on your podcasting.


  2. Excellent comparison of the two. I'm prepping to tide me over till I can survive under our own resources.

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